5 Clever uses for Paper Clips

5 Clever uses for Paper clips:


  • Help Fix a Hem:  No straight pins?  No problem.  Use a paper clip to keep folded-over fabric in place when sewing a simple hem.  Just slide it along the material as you work.
  • Repair Sunglasses: Replace the missing screw in your favorite pair of shades by sticking a small, opened paper clip in its place.  Snip any excess metal with scissors or wire cutters and you’re ready for the sun.
  • Dye Easter Eggs: Use a large paper clip to dip eggs into the dye bath for an even color.  Open up the clip, bend one end into a circle, and then push the other end up to make a handle.  Place a hardboiled egg in the circle and dunk.
  • Make a Banner:  Craft a quick garland for a birthday party.  Create a chain out of colorful paper clips and attach photos every few inches.  Hang it at eye level so folks can appreciate the pictures (and your handiwork!)
  • Keep Tabs on Tea Bags:  Prevent the paper tab on your tea bag from slipping into the hot water by weighing it down with a small paper clip.  Dangle it over the side of the mug until you remove the bag.

Resources: Woman’s Day Magazine

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