5 Things to do with Spaghetti

5 Things you can do with Spaghetti, from decorating to cleaning:


  • Make a Knife Block: Rid your utensil drawer of sharp blades.  Cut dry spaghetti so it’s the same height as a straight-sided, wide-mouthed jar or container that’s taller than your longest blade.  Loosely pack the pasta inside then slide the knives in point-side down.
  • Draw a Line: Can’t find a ruler in your desk drawer?  A piece of spaghetti can double as a straightedge in a pinch.
  • Unclog a Shaker: Insert uncooked spaghetti through each plugged-up hole and swirl it around a few times to loosen stuck-on seasoning.
  • Grab a Garnish: Pluck an olive, maraschino cherry or pearl onion from the bottom of the jar by piercing it with the end of a piece of spaghetti.
  • Craft a Centerpiece: Top your dinner table with a wheat-like decoration.  Bundle a few pounds of dry spaghetti together with a rubber band, fan out the top and bottom by twisting the ends clockwise, and then tie a thick ribbon around the center.

Resources: Woman’s Day Magazine

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