5 Things to do with Toothpicks

So I have this problem with finding new tricks for things you may only think of using for one thing.  I think I will start to share those fun tips with you all.  They may save you a few bucks along the way:

5 Things to do with Toothpicks


  • Temporarily save your glasses: Lose an eyeglass screw?  Slide a piece of toothpick into the screw hole; add take to hold things together until you can get them fixed.
  • Decorate a cake: Prevent mistakes by lightly sketching your letter and flowers in the frosting with a toothpick before you pickup that piping bag.
  • Prevent Shredded Tape: Stick a toothpick to the cut end of packing take so you can find it next time.  Yes, I know this is brilliant.
  • Fill in small scratches: Next time you have a scratch that you want to fill with paint, putty or varnish, use a toothpick to spread it along the scraped area.
  • Plug a garden hose leak: Break off a third of a toothpick and slide it into the hole until the edge is flush with the hose.  Wrap waterproof tape around the hose to secure it and this should get you through the season.


Resource: Woman’s Day Magazine

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