5 Things You Need to Know About Mice

5 Things you need to know about ….Mice.  Yes those pesky little creatures that could invade at any time.


  • They don’t come in unless you let them.  Most mice only show up when there’s an open invitation, such as the day you leave the garage open with a bag of grass seed inside (you may as well roll out a red carpet).  So don’t.
  • They prefer what they’re already eating.  If you find that mice have chewed into a Cheerios box, don’t bother baiting your traps with peanut butter or cheese-use Cheerios.
  • They’re boring.  They run the same routes repeatedly.  Place snap traps where you’ve seen them: along the edges of rooms or where you see droppings.
  • They floss.  Sort of.  You can bait a trap with dental floss-they’ll think it’s mesting material.
  •  Don’t try to “Humanely” trap and release them.  Remember they’ll get killed by exposure-cats, birds or most likely other mice-they’re territorial.  Snap traps work best.

Resource: Woman’s Day Magazine

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