A New Take on Healthy Perfumes!

Your Yeoman would like to welcome Kate Kristen as one of our contributing bloggers!  Kate is a military spouse that resides in D.C. with her husband and son, Carson (and what a cutie he is!).  Kate runs Spouses in the City, is a social club created to encourage positive friendships and giving back to the community.  A gal after our own hearts.  We look forward to reading her post and happy to share her stories, fun information and yes adventures!

Homemade Scented Body Lotion

I love starting my day with a yummy scented body lotion. It brightens my mood in the morning and leaves me feeling refreshed! Funny thing is I used to do the same thing with any one of my 15+ perfumes I would spritz all over me, but considering they are not so healthy I had so find an alternative. Ugh was it painful to say bye bye to my perfumes! What could I possibly switch to that would not deprive me of my favorite part of my morning routine or break the bank?

TA DA…unscented body lotion, body oil (durning winter) and favorite essential oil equals your own customized non-toxic scented body lotion! There are a lot of unscented body lotions on the market free of parabens, phthalates and other yucky stuff along with essential oils from the purist source and often times even organic. The best part is if you mix up the body lotion, body oil and essential oil in your hands you can customize your scent daily! I am a different scent a day kind of girl and choose my scent based on my mood. Happy = floral or citrus, stressed = earthy or lavender, tired = peppermint or something minty, etc. I found that by collecting a variety of essential oils, I can easily change up my fragrance repertoire and stay out of the poor house. It is simple, easy and a refreshing treat!
Here is what you need…
  1. Purchase an unscented body lotion. I like The Honest Co.Nature’s GateDesert Essence.
  2. Purchase an unscented body oil. (for dryer skin or during the winter season) I use Honest Co.
  3. Purchase your favorite essential oil or snag a few to keep your scent options open. I usually buy my essential oils from Mom’s Organic MarketWhole Foods or you can give these online retailers a try…Amazon.com or Young Living.
Here is the how to…
  1. Squeeze a quarter size of body lotion, a pea size of body oil (if using) and two to five drops of your favorite essential oil in the palm of your hand and rub together.
  2. Slather all over, take a deep breath and enjoy your yummy scent!

*If you prefer to mix this all up ahead of time you can buy a BPA free plastic lotion bottle, mix 1/8 of the bottle with body oil (if using), the rest of the bottle filled with unscented body lotion and add 15 to 25 drops of your favorite essential oil. Remember, you can always add a few more drops, but you can’t remove them. :) Take a little out with a q-tip, rub on your wrist to test the intensity of the fragrance.

Life really is about enjoying the little things. I never realized how much something as simple as homemade scented body lotion could brighten my day each morning. Definitely goes to show how much our sense of smell can affect our mood. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to perfume I hope you give this a try and let me know what you think!

Cheers | Kate

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