“Organize Your Computer”

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We have some expert organizing advice from one of the great Major Mom Liberators! With everything going digital it can be overwhelming to store and later find data on our computers. By following a few simple steps you can make managing your digital data much easier. Most digital data consists of personal, school or work documents, photographs and music. You may struggle with one or all of these types of data. We’ve broken down each category to help you understand the best way to store each type.

Personal/School/Work documents

  • Create broad high level categories for each subject such as History and Math for school or Financial and Health for Personal.
  • Create sub-folders for the main categories

• School

• History>Exams

• Math>Exam

• Personal

• Financial>401(k)

• Health>Surgeries

  • Try to avoid creating sub-folders more than three deep as it can become difficult to retrieve documents if you can’t remember where you put them.
  • When naming folders be sure to use names that are meaningful and use the same format each time. For example: History Exam 3.12.13 Battle of Copenhagen instead of History Exam. When in this format you can search by topic type (exam), date (3.12.13) or topic (Battle of Copenhagen).

Digital Photos

  • Delete low quality photos as soon as you take them.
  • Upload photos as soon as possible after taking them to avoid having hundreds of photos to sort and organize at one time.
  • Take a second look and delete any photos that you don’t love or that there are multiples of.
  • Place them immediately into their folders before you forget details of each photo and where they belong.

Digital Music

  • Delete songs you don’t like. When we upload our music it’s often done a full album at a time. If you’re not fond of the entire album eliminate the songs you don’t like.
  • When uploading your music files include the song title and artist in the description to make searching easier later.

Be sure to back up all files on a regular basis.

Happy Organizing!

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