“Deployment” by Santina Rivera

Just the other day I had the pleasure of having coffee with a wonderful Military Spouse!  Her name is Santina Rivera and she has written a book called “Deployment”.  This is an amazing book about a military child trying to understand his feelings when his Dad has to deploy.  She originally had tried to find a book that covered this topic for her children, but was unsuccessful so she decided to write her own.  “Deployment” was originally done on construction paper just for her children, but with the encouragement of a teacher it turned into a published book!  She has sold more then 6,000 copies and donated many more!  I wish that there had been a book like this when my son was younger; it would have come in handy!

Santina is kind enough to partner with Your Yeoman and is donating a signed copy to each service member that purchases a package from Your Yeoman and have children.  Thank you so much Santina!


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