Welcome to Your Yeoman!

Welcome to Your Yeoman!  This is a division of On The Go Concierge that services the Military Service Member that is deployed.  Your Yeoman is here to make sure that all those birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, special events and any “just because” moments do not get over looked.

Being a military spouse I have experienced my husband not being able to send me a card or gift for my birthday.  Yes it does happen and it’s not because he does not care or does not love me, but sometimes during a deployment Service Members are not able to get to a store or post office.

That is where Your Yeoman will help deployed Service Members by sending cards and gifts for them, with the intention of relieving one less stress of being on a deployment, so they can focus on the job at hand.  This will all happen with the direction of the Service Member so that family back home knows it is really coming from there loved ones.  This will help to keep everyone on the home front as happy as possible.  That is our goal!

Did we mention that 5% of the service fee goes back to the enrolled Service Members MWR fund for their Command?  And what about those monthly giveaways we will be having for enrolled Service Members? And then there are the vendor discounts!!  Let’s just say you can’t go wrong with Your Yeoman, and we guarantee that you will not just be a number, but a part of the Your Yeoman family.



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