Our Team

Lori Clinton-9666

Having been a military wife for seventeen years and growing up as a military brat, I am also quite familiar with how things work in the military.  My experience confirms how difficult it can be on both the service member and the family being left behind.

The idea for this business occurred while having lunch with my business coach (who also happens to be a military spouse) and she was mentioning how her husband was not able to send her an email, make a phone call or mail her anything on her birthday because of where he was.  Then we both had the “aha” moment for “Your Yeoman!”

We know how it feels to feel “forgotten”(even if you really aren’t) and we want to identify all of the ways that we can help alleviate those feelings.  Our goal: make relationships a little stronger for those military families.  I know that I will personally be assigning a “Yeoman” to my husband, to put a little less stress on him for his next deployment.