1. Your Yeoman (YY) normal business hours are 8:00am – 5:00 pm; Monday thru Friday, EST.
  2. For P.O. Box Service, the cost of the P.O. Box is included in quoted service fee.
  3. For emergency contact service, there will be a charge of $15/per hour for any time spent on emergency situation in excess of two hours.
  4. Cancellation of services requires a one-month notice via email or regular mail.


  1. Fees are to be paid promptly. Fees are non-refundable and cannot/will not be carried over.
  2. For any deliveries/errands there is a $.49 charge per mile, for travel in excess of 20 miles.
  3. A past-due charge of $15 applies after 14 days; a charge of 1.5% per month applies after 30 days.
  4. A returned check charge of $30 will apply.


  1. All agreed-upon service fees are to be paid prior to service member’s deployment or automatic monthly payments will be setup.
  2. Client is responsible for all costs related to requests and will be billed and charged to the credit card on file. This will be done within a week of purchases and expenses. These costs include items such as gifts; care packages, postage/shipping, cards and mileage. Some items may be charged directly to your credit card and you will be emailed a receipt. Items that are purchased BY YY, and not charged directly to your credit card, will be charged a 2% service fee.
  3. An active credit card is required for the length of the deployment to pay for any additional cost related to requests; if YY is unable to charge your card, your services will be suspended and you will be notified as soon as possible. Once we have an active credit card on file, services will be reinstated.
  4. YY currently accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.


  1. Errand services will not be performed involving any dangerous or illegal activity or anything that places YY employees in any danger.
  2. If at any point a Yeoman feels unsafe, they are advised not to complete the task and notify corporate office ASAP.

Employment Status

  1. YY is a licensed business and is a subcontractor of Client.
  2. Client has no responsibility to withhold any taxes from or provide any benefits to YY.
  3. Independent agents used to accomplish a project are not considered employees. YY will make every effort to contract with competent, honest and trustworthy individuals. Background checks are made on all Yeoman and added to our bond and insurance.
  4. Contacting your assigned Yeoman directly, is a violation of their contract, will jeopardize their standing with YY, and be considered a violation of your agreement. Services may be discontinued. All correspondence to your assigned Yeoman is to be done thru the YY email account or phone number.


  1. YY will not sell or exchange our client information to outside sources for any reason.
  2. YY will not distribute any information about our clients without their express consent.
  3. Vendors will be provided only with the information required to complete a specific task.
  4. YY and all employees will exercise discretion at all times.


  1. YY will not be held liable for any damages that the third party incurs if a third party:
    • Damages client’s items (i.e. post office, delivery service)
    • Is negligent in any way.
    • Has access to client’s home while client is away and “Your Yeoman” is not present.
  2. YY is fully insured, bonded and licensed.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. YY offers guaranteed satisfaction on all services rendered.
  2. If you are not satisfied with any of your services, “Your Yeoman” will refund your service fee (other then the first month’s fee to cover admin fees).