Using Space-A Travel

Have you ever used Space-A Travel?  I personally have not, but after reading this I may just have to give it a try.

Space-A travel is free travel aboard Defense Department owned or controlled aircraft. Here are some tips on using Space-A Travel during the holidays: (1) sign up for departures as early as possible; (2) continuously call the passenger terminal to verify show times and flight status; (3) show up earlier than the posted flight check-in or roll call; (3) dress warmly and in layers; (4) NE able to pay for commercial airlift back if Space-A travel is not an option for the return flight; (5) plan funds for excess lodging or food costs caused by flight delays; (6) pack to observe the same U.S. Transportation Security Administration rules and regulations as commercial airlines; and  (7) do to exceed weight limits. Observe the four main points: “be early, be patient, be flexible and have a backup plan.”



  1. Hi Lori,
    It was great meeting you at the summit. I wish I knew you were interested in Space A, I could have told you about my families trip over DEC 2010 to meet my husband in GE. Was a wonderful trip and well worth the couple days of lay over that we had. He will be deploying again in 2013 and we plan on traveling over to see him again.

    It is hard to come by sites of information strictly for sailors (my brother was Navy) Since I did not know about your site before the printing of my book I will be posting your information on my website. It will be listed under the military resource page. Again, it was nice meeting you and I wish you well.

    Best wishes,


    Kimberly Suchek

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